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Our Story

We are a small, family run business who have only recently popped out the other side of the baby teething process - (don't let the photo fool you, there was still a lot of pain to go at the time of that being taken)

We feel your pain and we know just how stressful this part of raising a child can be. Sometimes it feels as if it will never end. Since starting Bambeado in 2014, the focus has been on providing a range of helpful, quality products that really do relieve the stress, for both bubs and you


Quality and safety are the two biggest factors for us when developing products. Our second child in particular loves breaking things so we only want products in our house that make it as hard as possible for her to do that. There is nothing worse than buying a toy that breaks within minutes of it being used - we don't want that and mother earth certainly doesn't need it.

For all of us, our bubbies are the most precious things in the world. We ensure everything we sell has met and exceeded required safety tests in each country - then we give them to our youngest and if they can survive a few rounds with her, we know we are good to go.

We hope you love our products, but for any reason you don't, we offer a Lifetime Guarantee on all of them.

Good luck and stay strong - those teeth will all pop through before you know it.

Andrew and Linda