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Product Questions

At what age can children start using the products

As soon as they are ready, which for most is from 3 months on wards.

What is the best way to clean the products

Warm soapy water is fine in most circumstances. All the silicone products are able to be put in the dishwasher without causing any damage. Another method is to mix one cup of water with distilled white vinegar, or mix water with lemon juice and use that mixture to clean the products.

Where are they made?

Our amber range is made from 100% Baltic amber

Little Bamber is made from a combination of Baltic amber and natural rubber

All of our silicone range is made from food grade silicone and are produced in a factory in China that specializes in baby products, so the highest standards of health and hygiene have been adhered to.

Have the products been independently tested?

Yes, all products have been tested by a certified standards testing laboratory. The tests break down into two categories - chemical content and strength. We have passed all the relevant safety tests for the countries we sell in, including ASTM F963, CPSC-CH, EN 71 and AS/NZS 8124.

What happens if a product shows signs of damage or breaks?

It is very rare for this to happen but if you do see any signs of tearing, ripping or cracking in any of the products then you should immediately remove the product from the child. Next, get in touch with us and we will send you a replacement free of charge. 

Can I put these products in the freezer?

With the exception of the amber jewellry, no problem. Many parents find that a cold teether helps further soothe their children's aching gums.

Do the products work?

Sure do! Our home has been a living laboratory for the last few years. During that time we have developed and tested our current range on our own kiddies. We have seen what works, what doesn't and come up with what we believe are absolute essentials for every family going through the teething phase.


Shipping Questions

How long will my product take to arrive?

Our free shipping service is 2-3 working days. We also offer faster options for a small charge.

What happens if my order doe not arrive?

Please contact us. All shipments are sent with tracking so we will be able to find out what has happened. If it has just disappeared then we will send you another, free of charge. 

 If my item turns up damaged what do I do?

Contact us immediately - we will send a replacement straight away.