Amber Fashion

Amber is one of the important trendsetters in the fashion industry. They are widely used by fashion designers all around the world. The main aspect is that it appears as an original addition. They are the main decoration of collections by the Polish designers. One of the important and main event in which amber used is during the Gdansk Amberif International Fair. The Fashion and Amber Gala is one of those main events. Baltic Gold is the main attraction of this event. Other events such as Sop ..

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From What Amber Gets Inspired

Amber can boast a very proud, rich and heritage tradition. It has a vast experience of an amazing journey through centuries of tradition. This has left its remarkable traces in Pomorskie which is quiet unmatchable by any other firm. One cannot ignore the fact that the main strengths and highlights of this region is the amber museum exhibitions, educational workshops, processing/polishing/demonstration, fashion shows, fairs, open-air events and finally amber-focused tourist products which are man ..

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Amber Jewelry Trends

Amber is considered to be the unsung darling of the gem world. Amber and amber jewelries are very affordable as you can buy that from different stores around the world and also from shopping sites. They are lightweight that makes them ideal for jewelry making and well storied. Amber can serve as a time capsule, as sometimes they trap insects inside the fossilized resin. The oldest piece of amber originated during the Carboniferous period. Amber is an organic gem. They are the product o ..

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